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This Futura Series of DIN standard enclosures are designed in such a way that one can make many kinds of instruments in same box without cutting or changing Ir plates, as front plate are provided with multifunctional display cut outs, thumb wheel cut out, LED holes and with tactile key holes. Also back plates available with trimport holes for external span-zero settings also it is provided with square holes for projecting diodes or a transistors for ambi temperature measurements in temperature meters and controllers.

Futura Series of DIN Standard Enclosures

This boxes are available in many sizes as stated below:

Box : M.S housing duly powder coated. Front Plate : Micro/Blind/DPM*
Service Plate : M-S transformer plate.
Knobs : Knobs are available for 96x96 and 72x72 sizes
Back Plate : Plastic terminal plates. Colours : siemens Grey And Black

Clamps : Plastic clampswith metal rod.


96X96 MICRO / BLIND 12 WAY 55 80 90 110 120 150 160
72X72 MICRO / BLIND 12 WAY 55 80 110
48X96 MICRO / DPM 14 WAY 55 80 110
192X96 MICRO 24 WAY 55 80 90 110 135 150 160



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